Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Some Guys Got Into A Fight Using a Bow & Arrow and Real Life Bumper Cars

You know it’s gonna be bad when the story starts with two guys drinking in a bar at 10am on a Saturday. Kevin Troesch and John Bailey had a disagreement and got themselves kicked out of the Shorewood bar in Joliet Illinois. They were separated in the parking lot and went to their cars to leave, but on the way out, they rammed each other with their cars. John got out of the car, retrieved a bow and arrow from his trunk and shot it at Kevin’s car. Kevin took off and John followed him, and they started ramming each other again. They ended up in the Walmart parking lot, because of course they did. Kevin then started circling John and ramming his car repeatedly. Obviously people noticed the scene, and called police. They were both arrested and police confiscated 2 compound bows. Get more here.

A Mom Took Her 2-Year-Old To The Bar Then Punched an Officer & Her Child

Mary Jane Carpenter of Des Moines, Iowa wanted to go drinkin’ but she didn’t have a babysitter. So rather than skipping the bar, she took her toddler with her to Miss V’s Honky Tonk Island Bar. Mary got drunk, and let her toddler run free, fellow bar patrons say the toddler was on the filthy floor rolling around and generally being a toddler. The bartender told Mary to get it together and watch her child, and Mary took offense to that. She tried to storm out of the bar, but tripped over her own child. When she left, a patron followed her, fearing for the child’s safety, and the bartender called police. When Mary realized she was being followed, she took off, leaving her child in the stroller. The bar patron had to run and stop the stroller from going into oncoming traffic. Police found her and arrested her, but she managed to wiggle out of her cuffs while in the back of the police cruiser. When a family arrived to take the child, Mary became upset, and took a swing at the officer, but ended up punching her own kid. Police found a water bottle full of vodka in the stroller. She’s being charged with child endangerment, assault on a police officer, and public intoxication. Get more here.

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