Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Took His Boss’s Car to Go Buy Drugs, and Someone Stole It

A 51-year-old guy named Patrick Holcomb got a job last month at an auto body shop in Delray Beach, Florida. And his new boss was nice enough to let him sleep there for a while too. Apparently he recently got out of jail after he did six months for drugs. And he also got locked up back in 2012 for grand theft. So his boss was taking a chance on him. But less than two weeks later, Patrick got a call from his drug dealer asking if he wanted some crack. Which he did. But it was raining out, and he didn’t have a car. So he decided to take his boss’s Jaguar that was parked at the shop. And while he was paying for the crack, his drug dealer’s friend jumped in and stole the car. Patrick’s boss realized the car was missing a few hours later, and called the cops. Then they checked the surveillance footage and saw what happened. They found the car on Saturday, but not the drug dealer’s friend. In the meantime, they tracked Patrick down on Monday, and he’s facing charges for grand theft auto. Get more here.


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