Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Flordia Man Banned From Ordering Pizza

Randy Riddle of Sebastian, Florida either really loves pizza, or really loves prank calls. Randy has made a habit of calling all the pizza joints in Sebastian and ordering pizzas to fake addresses. If he does use his own address, he refuses to pay. Randy was convicted of making harrassing phone calls back in 2008. The pizza restaurants banded together to find and report Randy. He’s facing  two counts of first-degree petit theft, one count of second-degree petit theft and four counts of first-degree obscene or harassing phone calls. Get more here.

A Woman Crawled Through the Ceiling to Get Out of Her Court-Ordered Decision Making Class

I wonder if this woman ever stopped in the middle of what she was doing to recognize the delicious irony of it all. A 27-year-old woman named Jessica Cato was at a county courthouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan a few weeks ago taking a court-ordered class on good decision making. And she realized the cops were coming down to arrest her for a probation violation. So she made the very, very bad decision to crawl through the ceiling tiles to get away from them. She made it about 100 feet before they pulled her out of the ceiling. A judge gave her two weeks in jail for fleeing. She was in court again on Thursday facing drug charges she’d gotten before she escaped, and got nine months in jail. Get more here.

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