Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Half Naked Drunk Woman Tried to Pick Her Half Naked Friends up From Jail

At 3:00 am Jocelyn Reardon was parked in the district courthouse parking lot in Troy Michigan. She was there to pick up her friends; one of whom had been arrested for driving under the influence and drinking underage, the other for underage drinking. When police spotted her, they could see she was visibly intoxicated. She tried to tell police that she didn’t drive to the courthouse, her male friend did, But there was no male friend to be found. Jocelyn was also naked from the waist down, and so was one of the friends arrested earlier. The teen was given a citation for Consuming Alcohol While Under the Age of 21 and released. Jocelyn and her other friend, however, will face DUI charges. Get more here.

Employees Manage to Lock Robbers Inside The Building, But Cops Never Responded to The Call

Two armed burglars entered a Boost Moble store in Paterson New Jersey and demanded cash. The employee, Tommy Torres, had to think fast, he told them to take whatever they wanted and asked them not to hurt him. While the thieves were looting the store Tommy managed to sneak out the back door and lock it behind him. He then ran through the neighboring travel agency and told them what was happing. Here’s where Tommy gets really smart. He pulled down the security door in front of the store, trapping the burglars. At this point, police had been called and the bystanders were just waiting for them to show up and arrest the men. Only they didn’t. It took 20 minutes for police to arrive and in that time the thieves had located the keys inside the store and fled. Police say the call they received reported that it was only a shoplifting call, which they don’t treat as an emergency. They would have dispatched officers within seconds had they heard the word gun. The miscommunication in under investigation, but the burglars got away. Get more here.

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