Stupid Is, Stupid Does


Orem Car Thief Posts Pics of Stolen Car on Instagram

A post on Instagram prompted a friend to report a stolen car to police, investigators said. Someone saw a picture of the 2015 Lexus on an Instagram account they were following and knew it was probably stolen, according to Orem police Lt. Craig Martinez. Martinez said the car, which was stolen from a dealership in Sandy, was recovered by police Saturday. “The (friend) found out from the Instagram account that (the man) had an appointment or was going to be somewhere in Orem, and that’s when we got called over there,” Martinez said. He said the stolen car was in “great condition,” and that the man had upgraded the car’s rims and brakes before it was recovered by police. Sandy police said the Lexus was reported stolen from a National Auto Plaza on March 30th. Investigators found several keys belonging to other dealership cars when they arrested the man who was in possession the Lexus, according to Martinez. Get the full story here.

A Woman Who Crashed Her Car While She Was on the Phone, Drunk, and Writing on a Legal Pad

55-year-old Linda MacDonald of Shelburne, Massachusetts was driving in Dummerston, Vermont on Monday night, about two-and-a-half hours northwest of Boston.  And she had three factors working against her. She was drunk. She was talking on the phone getting directions. And worst of all, she was writing the directions down on a legal pad. Naturally, she swerved off the road and crashed into a fence.  That happens when you’re writing while drunk driving. The good news is she wasn’t hurt and didn’t hurt anyone else, but she was arrested for a DUI. Get the full story here.

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