Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Guy Sets Himself On Fire While Trying to Burn Down a Barber Shop

We’ve all had a bad haircut, it’s part of life. You go home, you cry, you complain to your friend, maybe have a little Ben & Jerry’s and get over it. But not this guy. We don’t know if he got his hair cut here, but we do know that he was pissed at this barber shop. So in the middle of the day, sun shining, and neighbors nearby, he pulled his white minivan around the back of the shop and set to work. A woman gets out first, apparently to break the window. Then the man gets out and lights a Molotov cocktail and throws it into the building, then he does it again, only this time, he manages to ignite himself. He takes off running and dives into the grass nearby, he then kicks off a flaming shoe. He hobbles back to the van, gets more fuel and tosses it into the building before driving away. The best part is that it was all captured on surveillance footage:

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