Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A City Re-Elected a Dead Man Because He Was Still “Better Qualified” Than His Opponent

Here’s a pretty funny election story that really flew under the radar with everyone, you know, talking about what happened in the main event. A 61-year-old guy named Gary Ernst was running for re-election as treasurer of Oceanside, California. He died back on September 23rd, but the city said there wasn’t enough time to reprint the ballots without him. And on Tuesday, he won anyway. His opponent is a woman named Nadine Scott. She’s spent the past month-and-a-half trying to spread the word that Gary was dead, but clearly, it didn’t work, because he beat her by six percentage points. Or maybe it did work, but people didn’t care. One of the city council members from Oceanside told the press, quote, “Even though Gary passed away, he is still better qualified than she is.” damn that’s cold. The city council will get to appoint someone for the position, but they don’t necessarily have to choose Nadine. Get more here.

A Guy Gets Caught During a High-Speed Chase When He Runs Out of Gas

Something tells me this guy wasn’t quite prepared to get into a police chase. The New York state police tried to pull over 20-year-old Kevin O’Donnell from Wayne, New Jersey on Saturday morning for speeding on his motorcycle. But he wouldn’t stop, and they wound up in a high-speed chase where he was going over 165 miles-per-hour. The cops didn’t go that fast, so how’d they catch him? It was easy, he ran out of gas. Kevin wound up having to exit the freeway to go to a gas station and fill up, and the cops caught up with him there and arrested him. He was charged with reckless endangerment and unlawful fleeing. Get more here.

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