Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Couple Was Busted For Arson Because They’d Just Bought Insurance and Moved All Their Stuff Out

Brandon Fondren and Adrianne Davenport of Great Falls, Montana had a fire in their apartment a few weeks ago.  Luckily the fire department got there and put it out quickly. Afterward, Brandon and Adrianne filed a renters’ insurance claim on all the stuff that was destroyed.  But there were just a few red flags . . .

1.  They’d just gotten the insurance policy 10 days earlier.

2.  Neighbors saw them move all of the stuff out of their apartment right before the fire and put it in a storage unit.

3.  The police found a gas can in the storage unit, and a book called “Introduction to Fire Origin and Causes”.

4.  Brandon has been suspected of arson several times before.

5.  And when they were arrested, they didn’t realize their calls in jail were being recorded and they told each other to, quote, “stick to the plan.”

They’re both facing charges of felony arson, felony criminal endangerment, and felony theft. Get the full story here.


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