Stupid Is, Stupid Does


A Guy Chokes His Fiancée For Saying the Indy 500 is Better Than NASCAR

57-year-old David Wilson of Franklin, Indiana was watching the Indy 500 with his fiancée on Sunday.  They were also drinking all day.   Because that’s what you do. And at some point after the race, she announced that IndyCar is better than NASCAR. In case you don’t know the nuances of auto racing, there are two main types:  Stock car, and open wheel.  NASCAR is the big stock car racing league.  IndyCar is one of the big open wheel leagues, and they’re behind the Indianapolis 500. Well, it turns out David is a much bigger fan of NASCAR than open wheel.  So when his fiancée said the Indy 500 is better, that set him off, and he wound up choking her. She quickly got away from him and called 911, and he was arrested for domestic battery and strangulation. Get the full story here.

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