Stupid Is, Stupid Does


A Dog Walker Was Busted Selling a Client’s Dog For Drugs

Should you run a background check on your dog walker?  After hearing this story, you’re gonna want to. A woman named Morgan Bogle in New York City hired a 46-year-old guy named Tommy Doerr to walk her dog Sugar this year.  And Tommy took Sugar out on February 23rd, but didn’t bring her home. He claimed he had a psychotic episode and couldn’t remember what happened.  But Morgan investigated, and she thinks Tommy sold her dog for drugs.  Specifically, for some PCP. She’s been trying to spread the word ever since to get her dog back, but she hasn’t had any luck, even after she offered a $10,000 reward. So she just filed a lawsuit against Tommy and wants a judge to order him to get her dog back, or pay $10,000.  No arrests were ever made. Get the full story here.

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