Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Blasted her Neighbor with Elaborate Speaker Set-Up Playing Loud Music

For 3 months, Peggy Westby could barely get any sleep because of the ear-pounding, house-rumbling music blaring from her upstairs neighbor’s condo, she managed to live with the thundering sounds by wearing noise-canceling headphones. Peggy attempted to resolve the issue civilly, by mediation and by contacting her homeowner’s association, but nothing worked, and she called the police when the noises didn’t stop. Unbeknowst to Peggy, her neighbor had created an elaborate sound system playing workout music on repeat with an amplifier and several speakers to purposely harass her, according to an arrest warrant. After several visits to the residence, and despite many attempts to locate her, police couldn’t reach the neighbor, so deputies rammed the front door. Upon entering the home, deputies discovered the sound system, including three low-frequency speakers mounted to a board and placed face-down on the floor in the living room, hallway and closet. The face-down speakers were also weighted down by dumbbells and cinder blocks.”A Blackberry tablet wired to the amplifier played a ‘workout mp3’ on a loop that produced a noise that sounded something like a bass-clicking noise that can vibrate a room,” the deputy wrote in the arrest warrant. A device was hooked up to the amplifier that allowed someone with a smartphone to operate the system remotely, deputies said. Get more here.

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