Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Utah Woman Uses Counterfeit Bills Multiple Times at the Same Stores 

The investigation began at a gas station in Hurricane, UT. A detective wrote in the probable cause statement that Ludlow pumped $5.00 worth of gas and paid with a fake $100 bill. That same day, police say she returned to buy a $2.00 energy drink with another $100 bill and again, collected the change. Police also responded to calls from the Washington City Wal-mart. According to the probable cause statement, the Wal-mart Asset Protection told police they’d been given counterfeit cash and had surveillance video of the suspect.  Wal-mart showed police that Ludlow came in three separate times. Get the full story here.

A Woman Assaulted Her Neighbor With a Snow Blower

On Tuesday, 61-year-old Barbara Davis was dealing with about two feet of snow outside her home in Arlington, Massachusetts, just outside Boston. And it’s not clear what prompted it, but she started fighting with a 60-year-old woman who lives next door.  The woman recently got a restraining order against Barbara, and it looks like the judge who approved it made a good call, because Tuesday’s argument ended with Barbara assaulting her with a snow blower. It’s not clear if she hit her with it, blew snow at her, or both.  But the neighbor ended up with cuts on her foot, so it sounds like Barbara rammed her with the blades. She’s being held on $35,000 bail, and is charged with mayhem, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and violating a restraining order. Get the full story here.


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