Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Three Armed Robbers Are Stopped by Three Chinese Guys With Martial Arts Skills

Three Chinese contractors were on a mountain road in northern Albania on Sunday, when three guys with guns swarmed them and demanded their money and their phones. But the robbers didn’t realize these three Chinese dudes happened to all be great at martial arts. The guys spoke to each other in Chinese, which the Albanian attackers didn’t understand, and decided to attack even though the robbers had guns and they didn’t. They proceeded to beat the hell out of them, then held them down until the cops could come. All three robbers were arrested. Get the full story here.

Loose Dog on Legacy Parkway Slows Traffic to Crawl

Davis County Animal Control officials say the dog’s owner was walking her on the west side of Legacy Parkway and took the dog off leash. That’s when the pup squeezed through some fencing and caused the road block. “It was running in and out of traffic northbound and southbound,” said trooper Luke Duwel. “The dog was pretty scared so we couldn’t get it to stop and come to us,” Duwel told FOX 13. About half an hour later, the owner, in his own car, got near the dog and got her out of harm’s way. Davis County Animal Control cited the owner for running at large, places prohibited, and no licensing. Get the full story here.


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