Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Pantless Man Invades Apartment 

21-year-old Austin Jeffery Noble wandered into an apartment wearing only a hoodie, a bow tie and socks. Layton police say sometime before 4 a.m., Noble wandered out of the party and into a nearby apartment. Where he then laid down next to a 17-year-old girl who was sleeping on the couch and started rubbing her inner thigh, legs and buttocks, the girl awoke confused and at first thought she might have been dreaming. She got up and asked her sister if she knew who the person was and she didn’t. They confronted this guy and started yelling at him, and he quickly left the apartment. Noble was booked into the Davis County Jail, pending several potential charges for forcible sex abuse, burglary, lewdness, intoxication, failure to stop at the command of a police officer and criminal trespass. Get the full story here.

A Guy Carrying a Huge Amount of Starbursts Was Robbed and Pistol Whipped

A guy was walking down the street in Bradenton, Florida around 8:40 P.M. on Saturday night when three guys pulled up next to him, jumped out of the car, flashed guns, and told him to empty his pockets. And for some reason, when the guy emptied his pockets, it turned out he was carrying 32 packages of Starburst candies.  That’s 384 Starburst candies total, why was this guy carrying so much candy?  We don’t know. But the guys robbing him were all teenagers, so they may’ve thought it was like winning the lottery.  They pistol whipped him and stole all of his Starburst. The cops tracked them down a few hours later, and they’re all suspects for carjacking, robbery, and discharging a weapon. There’s no word if the guy’s Starburst stash was returned. Get the full story here.



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