Stupid Is, Stupid Does – November 5, 2014

A Woman Set Her Neighbor’s Apartment on Fire… For Taking Her Boyfriend’s Side in an Argument

A 24-year-old woman in Florida had a fight with her boyfriend on Friday, and threw his clothes outside.  But their neighbor is friends with the boyfriend, and brought his clothes into her place.  So the woman went in with lighter fluid and set his clothes on FIRE.  The neighbor put it out . . . and the woman was arrested for arson. Get the full story here.

A Guy Who Bought that Unlimited Olive Garden Pass Has Eaten at Olive Garden 95 Times in Six Weeks

A guy in North Carolina got one of those $100 Olive Garden passes they were selling in September . . . it gave people seven weeks of unlimited food.  And he’s been using it twice a day ever since.  He’s eaten at Olive Garden 95 times so far, and will keep eating there for every meal until the pass ends on Sunday. Get the full story here.


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