SZA Will Release ‘SOS’ Deluxe with 10 New Songs

SZA | Shutterstock

Reportedly, SZA will be releasing a deluxe version of her SOS album with 10 new songs on it. Recently, SZA talked about the success of her latest album and said, “Right now, I just have extreme gratitude because I swear to God, I never thought I’d be No. 1 for even a week, let alone seven.” Want to explore SZA’s musical journey? Dive into the song rankings from “Ctrl”.

She continued, “After I do the deluxe, I’m hoping to be able to accept that this chapter is done. I’m looking forward to actually feeling proud of myself and not just smiling and nodding at accolades but really feeling it internally and knowing that I’m good enough.” Ready to explore the best of SZA’s music? Check out this comprehensive list of her top songs on Mix 105.1.

She added, “I guess I need to stop trying to figure out what it means and start realizing and living in what it is.”

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