The Mac & Cheese Kid Apologizes

Remember last Thursday’s Stupid Is, Stupid Does? It was the Mac & Cheese kid from UCONN.

If you somehow missed it, here’s a recap:

Drunk College Kid Arrested Over Mac & Cheese

A student at the University of Connecticut got into a huge argument with the manager of one of UCONN’s restaurants. 19-year-old Luke Gatti walked into the establishment with an open container of alcohol, demanding bacon jalapeño macaroni and cheese. The manager lets him know that they’re out of bacon jalapeño mac and cheese, and tells Luke, he can’t have an open container, it’s illegal and so is underage drinking. Well Luke didn’t take that news very well.
The manager remains calm and tries to calm Luke down, but he’s on a rampage. Eventually the Police were called and Luke was arrested. Of course the whole thing was caught on camera for your viewing pleasure. Get more here.

Here’s the original video:

WARNING: Video contains profanity!

Well, he’s sober now, and he has some explaining to do. As far as we know he hasn’t been expelled (yet…) but he is definitely in big trouble.

Watch the video and tell us if you think he’s sincere in his apology:


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