Tiktoker’s Advice On Searching For Missing Kids Works

Jessica Cakmakli posted advice on how to find your child if they go missing in a public place on TikTok and the video has gone viral.

Cakmakli shared how to “look for your child loudly” will increase the chances of finding your child fast as well as get more people involved in the search.

“You want to look loudly. And what I mean by that is you start shouting their description while you look,” Cakmakli says in the video. “It’s going to sound like this, ‘I’m looking for a boy, age 5, short brown hair, brown eyes, Caucasian, red Nike T-shirt, black shorts.'”

The video garnered over half a million views with several mothers thanking Cakmakli for the advice and stories of how the hack worked for them.

@jesmartiniPSA that I feel can save kids and I’ve used- if your child goes missing in public #momsoftiktok #PSA #nojudgement #fyp #4up #besafe #parentsoftiktok♬ original sound – Jess martini

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