Tyla Teams with Gunna, Skillibeng for ‘Jump’


Tyla Drops Electrifying Video for ‘Jump’ Featuring Gunna and Skillibeng

A Stellar Collaboration

South African sensation Tyla has unveiled the music video for her latest single, “Jump.” This track marks a significant milestone as her first collaboration with American rapper Gunna and Jamaican dancehall powerhouse Skillibeng. The trio’s unique styles blend seamlessly, creating a dynamic and catchy tune that will dominate the charts. Listen to the song below.

A Visual Journey Through Johannesburg

Directed by the renowned Nabil, the music video is a visual treat, predominantly filmed in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa. The city’s rich culture and vibrant energy are palpable throughout the video, providing a stunning backdrop that enhances the song’s infectious beat. Nabil’s direction captures the essence of Tyla’s hometown, adding a layer of authenticity and pride to the production.

Debut Album Success

“Jump” follows the release of Tyla’s self-titled debut album, which dropped in March. The album has already garnered significant attention, showcasing her versatility and potential as a rising star in the music industry. With tracks that range from soulful ballads to upbeat anthems, Tyla’s debut has something for every listener.

Audience Reactions

The release of “Jump” and its accompanying video has sparked widespread excitement among fans. The video’s lively visuals and the song’s infectious rhythm have been particularly praised. Social media is buzzing with positive feedback, with fans from around the globe expressing their admiration for Tyla’s creativity and the seamless collaboration with Gunna and Skillibeng.

Background on Tyla

Born and raised in Johannesburg, Tyla is quickly making a name for herself on the international music scene. Her unique sound, which fuses pop, R&B, and Afrobeat elements, sets her apart from her contemporaries. Find out what Tyla thinks about Rihanna comparisons.

Song Recommendations

For those new to Tyla’s music, here are two must-listen tracks:

  1. “To Last” – A heartfelt ballad that showcases Tyla’s vocal range and emotional depth.
  2. “Overdue” – An upbeat, danceable track that highlights her skill in blending different genres.

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