Will Smith Attempts to Reconcile w/Chris Rock

Will Smith
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Will Smith and Chris Rock Saga Continues

According to reports, Will Smith has been trying to reconcile with Chris Rock after falling out at the Oscars. The incident left Smith feeling very remorseful, and he has attempted to make amends with Rock on multiple occasions. A source close to the Smith family shared that Smith has been trying to repair the relationship in the best way he knows how. Still, so far, his efforts have been unsuccessful.

Despite this setback, Smith has found solace in his family and has leaned on them for support. The source shared that family is critical to Smith and that their love and encouragement have helped him to mature and look inward. Although Smith still feels regret over the situation, he has listened to the advice of those around him. He believes that he has become a better person as a result.

Rock recently released his latest stand-up comedy special, where he speaks about the dramatic event.

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