Would Salt Lake City Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

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Career Builder posted a list of the best and worst cities to be in during a zombie apocalypse. And we see lists like this pretty much every Halloween, but this one’s cool because it’s about surviving LONG TERM.

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They looked at things like how easy each city would be to defend . . . how hard containing an outbreak would be if it was caused by a virus like in “The Walking Dead” . . . and how likely scientists there would be able to find a cure.

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And the city where you’d be MOST likely to survive is. . .

#1 Boston.

Closely followed by:

#2Salt Lake City WOO! We’re number 2! We’re number 2!

My take on this is the 3 key elements to Salt Lake City:

First, Outdoors-man skills most of us have a basic knowledge of how to survive outdoors. Either from Scouts, camping, hiking, etc.

Secondly, we’re weapons friendly here on the Wasatch front, we like our guns and that sure comes in handy during a Zombie Apocalypse

And lastly, Food storage. Now I know not all Salt Lakers are LDS, but still, there’s a lot of us here and we are BIG on food storage, and preparedness. Plus, we share!

#3 – Columbus, Ohio

#4 – Baltimore

#5 – Virginia Beach

#6 – Seattle

#7 – San Diego

#8 – Kansas City, Missouri

#9 – Denver

#10 – Indianapolis

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You’d have the WORST chance in:

#1 – New York, so densely populated, you’d have no where to run!

#2 – Tampa Can you say GATOR-ZOMBIES!?!

#3 – Los Angeles & Riverside (basically Los Angeles)

#4 – San Bernardino, also LA adjacent. People in the LA area, you’re gonna have a bad time.

#5 – Chicago

#6 – Miami

#7 – Jacksonville, Florida

#8 – Milwaukee

#9 – Providence, Rhode Island

#10 – Las Vegas, presumably because the gamblers wouldn’t notice until the zombies were gnawed off their slot machine arm.

Here’s a map that shows the rankings for about 30 more cities.


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