Jon And Chantel

Ads for the Big Game BEFORE the Big Game

Why wait for Sunday when you can see the commercials for the Big Game right now!! Here are a few that have been released ahead of time…

1.  Mr. Clean’s ad features a woman getting all hot and heavy, as a sexy, animated Mr. Clean mops her floors.  Then she snaps out of it and realizes it’s just her regular, frumpy guy doing the mopping.  But she’s still so turned on that she jumps his bones anyway. I may start mopping my home…



2. The COEN BROTHERS are the guys behind “Fargo”, “The Big Lebowski”, and “No Country for Out Men”, and they just shot their first big game ad. It’s a pretty fun spot and I love the end!


3. has a rundown of the best ads out so far, and it includes the Pepsi ad with Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco talking about how to avoid being a “party pooper.”



4. This Skittles commercial takes a twist on “romance”. I want to know how many takes it took!

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