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Chainsmokers Changing Their Tune

THE CHAINSMOKERS gave some (some would say) cocky interviews last year, including one with Billboard where they came off as sexist ‘bros.’

That article was called ‘Bros of Summer,’ and it included quotes about how they measure their (you know) . . . how getting some action is their top priority, even though they both had girlfriends . . . and about how they’re, quote, “way too good at drinking.”

Well, apparently they’ve seen the error of their ways.

In a new interview with “NME”, Alex Pall says, quote, “It affects you, because you don’t know how people are going to see that . . . [whether they’ll] take it at face value and walk away feeling you are that person.

“It’s not about apologizing and back-pedaling.  It’s about . . . I don’t want to say becoming better people, because that sounds cheesy.  Just keeping it real . . .

“Think about what it might look like to a kid who’s 10, seeing what we do . . . how that might impact on the way they listen to our music and enjoy our antics.”

On a personal note- I could only imagine what it must be like to skyrocket to the top. I appreciate that they’ve realized that with fame comes a responsibility to their younger fans!

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