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Choose the news 11/15/17

Stove Top Stuffing Is Selling Expandable Waist Thanksgiving Pants

Sometimes a company launches a new product that complements their business SO well, you can’t believe it took them this long to figure it out.  This is one of those cases.

Stove Top stuffing just launched a brand new product called Thanksgiving Dinner Pants.  They’ve got a big expandable waistband and, basically, they look like maternity pants.  But they’re not for people who are pregnant, just gorging.

They’re selling them at for $20 with free shipping.  You should grab some quick before they sell out.


Netflix Says 13 Million Users Watch in Public Bathrooms

did release some interesting info on WHERE people are watching.

According to a survey of 37,000 subscribers in 22 countries, 67% of viewers download and watch their shows on the move.

Downloading, unlike streaming, allows you to watch something later without an Internet or WiFi connection.  But people aren’t only watching during their down-time.  For example, 37% have admitted to watching at work.

There were some other fascinating revelations:  22% said they’d cried while watching Netflix in public . . . and 12% admitted to Netflixing in PUBLIC BATHROOMS.  (???)

There are roughly 109 million Netflix subscribers worldwide, so if 12% of people have done this, that means 13 million people have, which is astonishing.

Which Relative Is Most Likely to Get Drunk at Thanksgiving?

Here’s something good for you and your siblings to secretly bet on to keep Thanksgiving interesting this year:  Which relative is going to PASS OUT DRUNK first?

A new survey asked more than 1,000 people which of their relatives is most likely to get hammered at Thanksgiving dinner, and here are the results.  They add up to more than 100% because in a lot of families, there’s more than one good answer . . .

1.  Your uncle, 26%.

2.  One of your cousins, 24%.

3.  Your brother, 21%.

4.  Your dad, 19%.

5.  You, 19%.

6.  Your aunt, 12%.

7.  Your sister, 12%.

8.  Your mom, 10%.

9.  Your grandfather, 3%.

10.  Your grandmother, 2%.


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