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Choose the news 11/16/17

Five Foreign Brands Americans Mispronounce

  Someone posted a list of a bunch of company names that Americans don’t pronounce right.  We’d already seen a lot of them before, but here are five you might not know about . . .

1.  IKEA.  We say “EYE-kee-uh,” but in Sweden where it’s based, they say “EE-kee-uh.”  No one will know what you’re talking about if you say it like that here though.

2.  Nutella.  A lot of people say “NUH-tell-uh,” so the beginning sounds like the word “nut.”  But the right way to say it is “NEW-tell-uh.”

3.  The car brand Hyundai.  A lot of people say “hun-DIE,” or make it three syllables . . . “HY-un-day.”  But it’s really just, “hun-day.”  Also, a lot of people say “porsh,” but it’s really two syllables . . . “POR-shuh.”

4.  The German beer Hoegaarden.  Germans say it, “WHO-garden,” not “HOE-garden.”

5.  Samsung.  In South Korea where it’s based, they say “sam-SONG.”

21% of People Wouldn’t Give Up Their Seat on a Holiday Flight For Any Amount of Money

  In theory, the airlines aren’t going to beat you up and drag you off their planes anymore . . . in theory.  Now they’re going to PAY you to give up your seat.  But can you be bought?

According to a new survey, 21% of people say they wouldn’t give up their seat on a holiday flight for ANY amount of money.  And another 34% say they’d need at least $5,000 to get bumped.

That means the majority of people are staying put unless they get a pretty large check from the airline.

But SOME people are willing to budge.  The survey found 8% of people would give up their seat for just $500 . . . and 3% would do it for $250.

One in Three People Think It’s Totally Fine to Floss in Public?

I thought everyone was too lazy to floss.  But now you’re telling me there are people out there who are so addicted to flossing that they can’t even wait until they get home to do it?

According to a new survey, almost one out of three people under 35 say they think it’s totally fine to floss in public.

Older people are MUCH less likely to be cool with it . . . only 13% of people over 55 and 7% of people over 65 think it’s okay.



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