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What Does the Color of Your Car Say About Your Personality?

Can people tell what kind of person you are, just by the color of your car?  Probably not.  But a recent survey found out what other people THINK it says about you.

Here are six car colors, and what people think they say about your personality . . .

1.  A black car makes you seem charming, intelligent, and ambitious.  But also selfish.

2.  White or silver makes you seem trustworthy.

3.  Red makes you seem happy and adventurous, but also angry.

4.  Blue makes you seem loyal, kind, and considerate.

5.  Tan or brown makes people think you’re grumpy, mean, and boring.

6.  A gold car makes you seem greedy and wealthy.  Obviously it has to be an expensive car though.  Even if it’s gold, people won’t think you’re rich if you’re driving a 1998 Ford Focus.


The survey also found men think women in red cars are the sexiest, and women think blue cars are the most attractive for men.  The least attractive car color is brown.

Public Pools Contain Up to 20 Gallons of Urine, and Hot Tubs Are Worse

 This is the type of stat that’s hard to forget even though you’ll WANT to.  According to a new study, the average public swimming pool contains up to 20 GALLONS OF URINE.

A group of researchers in Canada figured it out by testing 23 public pools for traces of an artificial sweetener that’s used in a lot of processed foods.  Your body doesn’t break it down.  So when you pee, it’s still in there.

One pool they tested was about a third the size of an Olympic swimming pool, and they calculated it had just under 20 gallons of urine.  Another one was about half as big, so more like a hotel swimming pool.  And it had around eight gallons of pee.

If you crunch the numbers, that means the average backyard swimming pool would have about TWO gallons of urine.  We might not pee in our own pools quite so freely though.

They also took samples from eight hot tubs, and they’re even WORSE.  There was less urine, but also a lot less water to dilute it.  One hotel hot tub they tested had THREE TIMES the concentration of urine as the worst swimming pool


McDonald’s could kill the drive through as we know it 

McDonald’s is making big changes.

It’s launching mobile order-and-pay technology and curbside delivery in the fourth quarter of the year at all 14,000 of its US restaurants.

That means that by the end of the year McDonald’s customers will be able to order and pay for their food on their smartphones.

The company announced the change at an investor meeting on Wednesday.

If customers choose curbside pickup, they can skip the drive-thru line and a McDonald’s employee will bring their food to their car.

This represents a massive shift for McDonald’s. More than 70% of the fast-food chain’s orders come through the drive-thru. Many of those orders could end up shifting to curbside pickup.

“In the 1970s, McDonald’s revolutionized convenience in the drive-thru to make getting high-quality food easy,” the company said in a press release. “Now, that experience is being transformed once again.”

If executed successfully, the change could result in shorter drive-thru lines. The strategy could also end up requiring extra staffing for the curbside deliveries.






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