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Ten Things People in Their 60s Do Better Than Millennials


The next time a young person makes fun of you for not being on Snapchat , ask them how many feet are in a yard.  There’s a good chance they’ll have no idea.

According to a new survey, here are 10 practical things people over the age of 55 are much more likely to know than millennials . . .

1.  How to read a clock with minute and hour hands.  90% of older people are very confident doing it.  Only 61% of millennials are.

2.  How many feet are in a yard?  90% of older people were confident it’s three feet, compared to just 21% of millennials.

3.  How to iron a shirt, 86% of older people compared to 52% of millennials.

4.  How to sew on a button.  84% to 41%.

5.  Multiplying two LOW numbers in your head, 79% compared to 41% of millennials.

6.  How to use the index in the back of a book, 77% compared to 35%.

7.  Spelling most words without a spellchecker, 72% compared to 39% of millennials.

8.  How to set a table properly, 70% to 39%.

9.  How to garden without killing all the plants, 66% to 22%.

10.  How long you can wait before fresh foods need to be thrown out.  63% of older adults say they know, compared to just 28% of millennials.


Are These the Most Underrated Snacks of All Time?

It’s Friday!  And it’s the stoner holiday 4/20.  So this list seems appropriate.  Thrillist ranked the most underrated SNACKS of all time.  Which is basically just a bunch of junk food.  Let’s see if you agree with their picks . . .

1.  Nutty Buddy.  They’re sort of a cross between a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a Kit-Kat bar . . . so what’s not to like?  (They used to be known as Nutty Bars.)

2.  Ding Dongs.  Ho Hos get most of the Hostess love but Ding Dongs shouldn’t be overlooked.

3.  Krackle, Mr. Goodbar, and 100 Grand.  You really only see them in miniature variety packs, but they’re all good enough to stand on their own.

4.  Bagel Chips.  They’re overshadowed by tortilla chips and pita chips, but they’re good on their own or dipped in some spinach and artichoke dip.

5.  Smarties.  According to the people at Thrillist, they’re not as tart as SweeTarts, and not as terrible as Necco Wafers.

6.  Cheese Nips.  They’re not BETTER than Cheez-Its, but they can hold their own . . . especially after being dipped in some peanut butter.


Man Rides Sheep To Bar

The Irish Mirror claims a man from Clare Island, Ireland recently rode into a bar on a sheep. The mountain sheep stood still while its owner downed a Guiness beer and then quickly left. The owner was wearing yellow cowboy boots and didn’t say why he rode his sheep to the bar

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