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Luke Hickman from was in to talk about whether or not it’s worth your time and money to see the new movies this weekend!

I Feel Pretty  (PG-13)

Amy Schumer struggles with feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem until a fall in an exercise class has her suddenly believing she’s a supermodel.  And with her newfound confidence and sense of empowerment she starts fearlessly living her life.

Busy Philipps and “SNL’s” Aidy Bryant play her best friends, Emily Ratajkowski is a girl Amy resented for her good looks, and Michelle Williams plays Amy’s boss.

Super Troopers 2  (R)

The troopers are all back, with Steve Lemme as Mac, Erik Stolhanske as Rabbit, Jay Chandrasekhar as Thorny, Paul Soter as Foster, and Kevin Heffernan as Farva.

They’re recruited to set up a new Highway Patrol station after the government realizes our northern border is off, and a small Canadian town is actually part of the U.S.

Rob Lowe is the town’s mayor, Emmanuelle Chriqui is a French-Canadian cultural attaché, and Lynda Carterreturns as the Governor of Vermont.  Tyler LabineWill Sasso, and Hayes MacArthur are also in it as Canadian Mounties.

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