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70% of Us Sometimes Use Our Finger as a Spoon, Plus Eight More Gross Eating Stats

According to a recent survey by Buzzfeed, 70% of us sometimes use our finger as a spoon to eat things like peanut butter or icing when we eat cake.  Here are eight more gross eating stats . . .

1.  Do you ever eat food that’s fallen on the floor?  57% said yes.

2.  Do you ever lick your fingers clean after you eat?  64% admitted to it.

3.  Do you ever end up with food all over your face?  54% of us do.  83% said they sometimes spill on their clothes, and 45% sometimes get food in their HAIR.

4.  Do you make chewing or slurping noises when you eat?  Only 25% said yes.

5.  Do you ever talk with

6.  Do you ever lick your plate clean?  35% of people said they do it.

7.  Do you ever pick food out of your teeth and then swallow it?  70% said yes.

8.  Do you ever eat something that’s too hot . . . spit it out . . . wait for it to cool down . . . and put it back in your mouth?  45% of people said yes.

A Couple Found a Live Scorpion in Their Bag of Spinach

Well, this settles it:  Now I’m REALLY never eating salad again.

Earlier this week, a story went viral about a couple that found a DEAD BAT in a bag of salad they bought from a Walmart in Florida.

And now, a couple in Chevy Chase, Maryland found a LIVE SCORPION inside a bag of spinach they bought from a Giant grocery store.

They showed it to the manager at the store on Monday and told him he should probably stop selling the spinach, but he wouldn’t do it until reporters contacted him six hours later.

Giant’s corporate offices say they’re reviewing what happened, but for now, they haven’t issued a recall.

The Best Cheap Places to Travel to Every Month of the Year

This might help the next time you’re planning a vacation.  Someone dug through a ton of stats from the travel site  And they figured out the best places to go every month of the year if you’re looking for the best VALUE.

They looked at the best destinations in the U.S. AND abroad.  And if you want to take a last-minute trip in April, think about Chicago or Denmark.  Here’s where to go the rest of the year . . .

In May . . . Fort Lauderdale or London.

In June . . . San Antonio or Beijing.

In July . . . Boston or Sydney, Australia.

In August . . . New York or Berlin.

In September . . . Orlando or Rome.

In October . . . New Orleans or Cape Town, which is in South Africa.

In November . . . San Francisco or Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

In December . . . Las Vegas or Frankfurt, Germany.

In January . . . Los Angeles or Melbourne, Australia.

In February . . . Honolulu or Hong Kong.

And in March . . . Flagstaff, Arizona, or Buenos Aires in Argentina.






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