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The Best State For Millennials Is . . . North Dakota?

  Maybe I don’t understand millennials as well as I think I do.  Such a shame.  I thought I was woke AF.  Am I using that right?

Anyway, just released the results of a study that ranked the states from the best place for millennials to the worst, and the best state is . . . North Dakota.  Who knew?The rankings are based on 24 different factors, including the cost of living, the percentage of adults under 35, the millennial unemployment rate, young voter turnout rates, and how friendly the states are for single people.

And the top 10 states are:  North Dakota . . . Minnesota . . . South Dakota . . . Iowa . . . Utah . . . Wyoming . . . Wisconsin . . . Colorado . . . Nebraska . . . and Vermont.

The 10 worst are:  West Virginia . . . Mississippi . . . Alabama . . . New Mexico . . . Arizona . . . Arkansas . . . Louisiana . . . Nevada . . . Georgia . . . and Florida.


Six Things That Always Go on Sale in April

If you’re getting a big tax refund, here’s some stuff you might want to spend it on.  It’s six things that usually go on sale in April . . .

1.  Sneakers.  A lot of people buy them for spring, so stores and websites get pretty competitive with prices.  They also might still be trying to sell off stock from last year.

2.  Jackets.  They start going on sale this month, so stores can make more room for lighter, summer clothes.

3.  Paint and other home improvement supplies.  The weather’s getting nicer, so stores really start to push that stuff.  Home Depot and Lowes both have “Spring Black Friday” sales right now.  Some stuff is marked down 35%.

4.  Pots, pans, and other household items.  Mother’s Day is coming up, and so is wedding season.  So stores try to take advantage of it by dropping their prices.

5.  A tune-up for your car.  It’s National Car Care Month, so a lot of mechanics offer deals on tune-ups, oil changes, and new tires.

6.  Last-minute vacations.  April is considered an off-season month, because it’s right after winter, but before summer . . . and Easter is right in the middle of it.  So you might be able to get a pretty good deal on flights and hotels.



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