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Your Meanest Friend Cares About You the Most

You know that friend who seems MORE than willing to give you criticism on every life choice you make . . . whether you ask for it or not?  Yeah . . . turns out they’re being that blunt out of LOVE.

A new study out of England found that your MEANEST friend might just care about you more than anyone else.

And the reason they’re being mean is because they really, really want what’s best for you in life, so they’re not going to mince words when they feel like you’re straying off a good path.

The researchers say, quote, “These findings . . . help us to understand why we sometimes may try to make our loved ones feel bad, if we perceive this emotion to be useful to achieve a goal.”

(New York Post)

A Dad Wearing a Speedo Picks Up His Son from Middle School

Some goofball dad wore a SPEEDO as a prank to pick up his son at middle school.  He runs right through the crowd of kids yelling the boy’s name.  Then he gives his son a big hug and walks him back to the car.


Five Personality Traits That Make You Live Longer

  More and more studies keep finding that if you’re a miserable JERK your whole life, you probably won’t live as long as someone who’s easygoing.  Here are five personality traits that have been linked to living longer . . .

1.  Being conscientious.  Meaning you think things through and you’re thorough about it.  So you don’t take a lot of unnecessary risks.

2.  Openness.  Meaning you’re receptive to new concepts and experiences.  In other words, you keep learning and don’t resist change too much.

3.  Emotional stability.  People who freak out and get depressed about everything don’t tend to live as long.  If you can figure out how to roll with the punches, you’ll live longer.

4.  Friendliness.  Which kind of goes hand in hand with being positive.  Plus people who socialize and stay close with friends tend to live longer.

5.  Expressing yourself freely.  People who bottle stuff up don’t tend to live as long as people who can express their feelings.

(Business Insider)


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