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The Top Ten Old-School Hobbies That Are Dying Out

Experts always say we’re supposed to have a hobby, so we don’t get too stressed out by life.  But how many of us actually have one?

A new survey found about 75% of us DO have at least one hobby we take part in regularly.  25% couldn’t think of any hobbies they pursue.  Do video games count?

The study also looked at hobbies that USED to be popular.  Here are the top 10 hobbies that have died out . . .

1.  Being interested in trains, or building model train sets.

2.  Quilting and embroidery.

3.  Astrology, where you’re truly into the zodiac and pay attention to it.

4.  Scrapbooking.  If anything, people use apps and do it virtually now.

5.  Home brewing.  That one’s a little surprising, because there was a pretty big home-brewing boom a while back.  But there are so many craft beers now, who has the time?

6.  Squash and racquetball.

7.  Fixing up an old car.  Maybe because no one knows how to anymore?

8.  Astronomy.  Meaning you own a telescope and actually use it on a regular basis.

9.  Woodworking.

10.  Toy collecting.  The whole Beanie Babies fad was 20 years ago.


IHOP Reveals That Their Name Change to “IHOB” Is For Some New Burgers

  Last week, IHOP announced they were changing their name to IHOB.  It seemed like a pretty transparent attempt to get people talking . . . and we REALLY fell for it.  Social media was PACKED with guesses.

So yesterday, they announced what the “B” stands for.  And the answer is . . . “burgers.”

Yes, IHOP . . . sorry, IHOB . . . already has burgers on their menu.  They have since 1958.  But they’re adding seven new “Ultimate Steakburgers,” and the name change was a marketing campaign to get them some attention.

Also, if this wasn’t implied, the name change to “IHOB” is only temporary.

But even though the move got IHOB a lot of attention, Wendy’s managed to hijack some of it yesterday with a hell of a response to the stunt.

Someone tweeted to Wendy’s, quote, “So Wendy’s, you just gonna let IHOB sell burgers on your block?”

And Wendy’s responded, quote, “Not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard.”  That’s . . . a really good line.


Man Proposes In Back Of Police Car

The BBC claims a couple from Bristol, England recently got engaged in the back of a police car. Officers stopped the couple for driving without insurance. They were placed in the back of a police car as their car was seized and towed. The 23 year-old man proposed to his girlfriend before she accepted and then invited their arresting officer to their wedding. He declined the invite.



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