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Emojis With Different Hair Styles and Colors Are Coming Soon

  You can find an emoji with hair like yours if you have blonde, brown, or black straight hair.  Otherwise, you’re screwed . . . but that’s about to change.

The group that regulates the official set of emojis announced that they’re strongly considering adding emojis with curly hair, white hair, red hair, and a bald head to their 2018 set.

Assuming those are approved, they should show up on your phone by the middle of next year.

But before then, we’re still due for a big burst of new emojis this summer, including zombies, a giraffe, a sandwich, and lots of new faces.

(Mashable / Emojipedia

Florida police warn of movie prop money being passed as real

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Police in Key West, Fla., are warning businesses and consumers to be on the lookout for movie prop money being passed as real cash. Photo by the Key West Police Department/Facebook
 June 8 (UPI) — Police in Florida are warning residents and tourists to be on the lookout for movie prop money being passed off for the real thing.

The Key West Police Department posted photos to Twitter and Facebook showing examples of the false $20 and $100 bills that have recently been seized in the city.

The bills appear real from a distance, but up close contain a number of tell-tale signs of their falsehood, including the word “Bollars” in the place of “Dollars” and the words, “For Motion Picture Use Only” in place of “United States of America.”

“Key West Police Detectives have had a few reports of these false bills in circulation. BE CAREFUL! They are not considered counterfeit because they state they are not real,” the department said in a Facebook post.

“If you try to pass one of these bills, you can be subject to arrest under state law for uttering a fake bill,” the post said.


What’s It Like to Play Barney the Dinosaur?

Your first instinct would probably be to make fun of a guy who would spend 10 years playing the giant purple dinosaur on “Barney and Friends”.  But you’d be a FOOL . . . because it was a sweet gig.

DAVID JOYNER was Barney from 1991 to 2001, and he has no regrets.  Sure, the suit weighed 70 pounds and got up to 120 degrees inside . . . so he was basically sweating profusely at all times.

But the money was good, and he was able to buy himself a house with the money he made off residuals alone.

David actually got a degree in electronic engineering technology, and worked for Texas Instruments for six years before auditioning for Barney.

He ultimately gave up on Barney to try some non-dinosaur acting.  He did guest spots on a bunch of TV shows . . . but now he’s back in a furry animal costume on a YouTube show called Hip Hop Harry.

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