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This Year’s College Freshmen Don’t Know a World Without Smartphones and Only Know Justin Timberlake as a Solo Artist

It’s that time of year again, where we talk about how YOUNG today’s college freshmen are . . . and, of course, how OLD that makes all of us.

Beloit College just released its annual “Mindset List,” where they figure out some of the stuff that today’s college freshmen have either never known or always known.  And for the Class of 2021 . . . who were mostly born in 1999 . . . here’s what they’ve got . . .

1.  They barely know any phones except smartphones.

2.  They have never used a floppy disk . . . and probably never bought CDs.

3.  They’ve never known a world where they couldn’t order anything they needed from Amazon . . . and get it in two days thanks to Amazon Prime.

4.  They’ve never known a world without “Pokemon”.

5.  There have always been blogs on the Internet for them to read.

6.  They only know Napster as a failing brand . . . not as THE place to download music for free.

7.  They only know Justin Timberlake as a solo artist.

8.  And they have only experienced Bill Clinton as Hillary’s husband, not as president.


Here’s What Your Ice Cream Preferences Say About Your Personality

  I think we can all guess what kind of person you are if you order plain vanilla ice cream in a cup.  But beyond that, I’ve never really thought about ice cream as a complex psychological window into the mind.

Well . . . someone did.  Baskin-Robbins just hired a “behavioral food expert” to analyze what people’s ice cream preferences say about their personalities.  And here’s what they found . . .

1.  People who eat ice cream cones are IDEALISTS.  People who get their ice cream in a bowl and cup are more rational.

2.  People who like sundaes are open, passionate, and motivated.

3.  Optimists are most likely to order cookies and cream or chocolate chip cookie dough.  Realists are more likely to get chocolate.

4.  People who eat ice cream out of the carton are resourceful, dependent, and introverted.

5.  And people who like milkshakes are fearless, impulsive, and young at heart.

(PR Newswire)

Can Buying Groceries Online Help You Lose Weight?

More people are buying groceries online through services like Amazon Fresh.  Even some grocery stores are delivering now.  Some people think it’s just a lazy Millennial thing.  But it turns out it might also help you lose weight . . .

Researchers at the University of Albany released a study this month that found you’re less likely to make IMPULSE purchases when you shop online.  That usually means things like chips, candy, and other junk food.

They had college students rate how impulsive they think they are.  Then they gave them about $50 in virtual currency, and had them shop for groceries online.

Across the board, they made healthier choices than when people shop at a grocery store.  And how impulsive they were didn’t matter.  Even the most impulsive ones didn’t buy much junk food.

Which kind of makes sense.  You’re constantly tempted to buy stuff while you’re walking around a store.  But when you shop online, you have to search for SPECIFIC products you want to buy.

So it might be good for your waistline, and it might put less strain on your wallet too.

(Live Science)

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