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Choose the news 9/11/18

Monopoly Cheaters Edition

The Daily Mail claims a new version of the Monopoly board game allows players to rob banks, skip spaces and dodge rent. The Monopoly Cheaters Edition costs $40. Hasbro says 50% of people, who have played Monopoly have cheated or bent the rules at one time or another. The game comes with a pair of handcuffs, which players must wear if they are caught cheating.


You Can Live Longer and Stay Healthier By . . . Drinking the Blood of the Young?

  I’ve got a great new way for you to live a LONGER, HEALTHIER life.  The only downside is . . . you literally have to become a vampire.

According to a new study out of University College London, you might be able to live a longer life and avoid diseases that come with old age, including cancer and heart disease, by DRINKING young people’s BLOOD.

And yes, this is real . . . well, at least in theory.  The researchers found that when people over 35 were injected with plasma from teenagers’ blood, there was a real improvement in their biomarkers for diseases.

And in animal tests, older animals’ brains got sharper when they were injected with younger blood.

BUT . . . before you run out and start chompin’ on necks, it’s worth noting that the people behind the study didn’t have people DRINK blood.  That COULD be how we get it into ourselves one day, but for now, a lot more research is needed.


A Deli Counter Worker Stole $9,000 Worth of Meat, Three Slices at a Time

If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, the people who work at the deli counter at the grocery store have a pretty sweet gig, think of all the FREE MEAT they must get” . . . here’s the sobering reality.  Meat ain’t free.

There’s a 36-year-old woman named Catherine Brenick who got a job behind the deli counter at a grocery store in Bolivar, Ohio about five years ago.

And every day, she’d shave herself off a little meat . . . approximately three to five slices a day.  She mostly went for ham, but sometimes she’d also get salami.

Anyway, a few slices a day over five years really adds up . . . and when her bosses found out what she was doing, they calculated she’d embezzled $9,200 WORTH of deli meat.

So . . . they fired her, and reported her to the police.

Now Catherine could be facing theft charges.

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