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Choose the news 9/14/17

Coca-Cola Coffee Was Just Released in Japan

I’m not sure I know a single person who doesn’t drink coffee, soda, or both.  So it’s a huge mystery why Coke isn’t selling this product over HERE.

In Japan, they just released a new drink called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus.  It comes in a can and it’s a mix of coffee and Coke . . . with 50% more caffeine than regular Coke and 50% fewer calories.

So how is it?  Umm . . . maybe it’s best not to talk about that.  A review says the aroma is, quote, “not very delicious” and the flavor is mostly like Coke, but with a coffee aftertaste.


The New Food Trend Is Adding Whipped Cheese to Iced Tea?

Adding whipped cream to iced tea sounds weird to me.  This is 100 times weirder.

Apparently, the hot new food trend is adding whipped CHEESE to iced tea.  That’s right, I said whipped cheese.

The drink started in Taiwan in 2010 and now it’s made its way over here, at least in a few spots in New York and L.A.  And it’s just what it sounds like:  A shop adds powdered cheese to whipped cream, then puts some of it on top of your iced tea.

And allegedly, cheese and tea are complimentary flavors, so it tastes good.

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