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You may THINK you’re forever 21, but if you keep eating at Taco Bell every day, your organs are going to collapse by 52.

The clothing store Forever 21 just announced they’re teaming up with TACO BELL for a new fashion line.  We’re talking shirts, women’s bodysuits, sweatshirts, jackets, and more.

They’ve released a few photos to tease some of the gear, and it’ll go on sale on the 11th of next month.


(Here are the photos.)



A Chipotle Dishwasher Is Spotted by a Modeling Agent . . . Now, a Month Later, She’s One of the Top Models in the World

Chipotle’s new queso may be bombing, but at least they can point at this story and say they produced SOMETHING successful in the past month.

A 19-year-old woman named Remington Williams was a dishwasher at a Chipotle in North Austin, Texas.  And last month, she was working when a modeling agent named Tanni Foreman was eating there and saw herTanni says, quote, “She was wearing this Chipotle uniform, lugging around huge trays and washing dishes.  [But] when I see a potential model, I can tell really quickly, I can see in their face if they’ve got what it takes.”

She approached Remington and asked her if she was interested in modeling.  She was.  And apparently, she was BORN to do it . . . because less than a month later, she was walking the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Since then, she’s done London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and now Paris Fashion Week.  In other words . . . in the span of one month, she went from washing dishes at Chipotle to being one of the top models in the world.

If any modeling agents are listening, I’m also available for that.

(Austin 360

How Much Does a Pizza Cost in Every State?

  On top of every other financial problem in this country, now I gotta worry about PIZZA INEQUALITY too?

A website called Datafiniti just analyzed pizza prices in all 50 states, and they found there’s a MASSIVE difference depending on where you live.

The cheapest state is Alaska, where the average large cheese pizza costs $7.25.  On the other end, in North Dakota, it’ll run you $14 . . . or damn near TWICE as much.

The 10 cheapest states for pizza, where one costs $9.25 or less, are:  Alaska . . . Maine . . . Kentucky . . . Louisiana . . . Arizona . . . Minnesota . . . Rhode Island . . . Vermont . . . Arkansas . . . and New Mexico.

And the 10 most expensive states, where you’ll spend $12 or more, are:  North Dakota . . . Wyoming . . . Washington . . . New York . . . Florida . . . Mississippi . . . Nevada . . . Oklahoma . . . Utah . . . and Alabama.


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