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Choose the news 9/5/17

The Most Common “How-To” Questions That We Google

At this point, if we need advice on how to do anything . . . and I really do mean ANYTHING . . . we ask Google.  And here are the questions people are asking the most.

Google News Lab just put together a list of the most common how-to questions that people search for, and here are some of the highlights . . .

1.  How to fix a toilet

2.  How to make scrambled eggs

3.  How to kiss

4.  How to love

5.  How to get a girlfriend

6.  How to change your name

7.  How to solve a Rubik’s cube

8.  How to draw a dog

9.  How to pick a lock

10.  How to gain weight

The Sales Numbers Say We’re Bored With Pumpkin Spice . . . and Moving on to Maple

There are approximately 270 million pumpkin spice foods and drinks on sale right now.  You’d think that would mean we’re all buying more of them than ever.  But we’re not.

According to a research company, the sales numbers on pumpkin spice products have flattened out . . . and that may be a sign that we’ve gotten BORED with them.

There are 49% more pumpkin spice products out this year than last year, but sales are only up 21%.  That means we’re not really buying what they’re selling.

A spokesperson says, quote, “Brands are putting pumpkin spice into everything from cereal to yogurt to coffee.  We may be at peak spice.”

So what have we moved on to?  The leading candidate is . . . MAPLE.

There are 85% more maple products available right now than there were a year ago.


Adidas Made Beer-Proof and Vomit-Proof Sneakers for Oktoberfest

Now THIS is called knowing your target audience.

Adidas just announced a new limited-edition sneaker that they’ll be selling in Germany for Oktoberfest.  And they’re PERFECT for that . . . because they’re made with a material that’s beer-proof and vomit-proof.

And they also have some embroidery on them that’s meant to look like the patterns on lederhosen . . . but I’m thinking that when it comes to features, that’s less important than the whole beer-and-vomit resistance thing.



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