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Choose the News | December 4th

Jon | The 25 Best TV Shows of 2018

It’s December, so we’re all about to be slammed with millions of ‘Year-End’ lists.  “TV Guide” was quick on the draw . . . last night, they released a list of the 25 Best Shows of 2018.

It’s loaded with Netflix content, and overall they definitely leaned toward NEW shows, as opposed to, like, Season 20 of “Law & Order: SVU”.  Here’s the list:

1.  “Atlanta”, FX

2.  “The Haunting of Hill House”, Netflix

3.  “The Good Place”, NBC

4.  “Better Call Saul”, AMC

5.  “YOU”, Lifetime

6.  “American Vandal”, Netflix

7.  “Queer Eye”, Netflix

8.  “Killing Eve”, BBC America

9.  “Counterpart”, Starz

10.  “Kidding”, Showtime

11.  “One Day at a Time”, Netflix

12.  “The Americans”, FX

13.  “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, Netflix

14.  “Maniac”, Netflix

15.  “GLOW”, Netflix

16.  “Dear White People”, Netflix

17.  “Jane the Virgin”, The CW

18.  “Bob’s Burgers”, Fox

19.  “Everything Sucks!”, Netflix

20.  “Lodge 49”, AMC

21.  “Atypical”, Netflix

22.  “Power”, Starz

23.  “Claws”, TNT

24.  “Bodyguard”, Netflix

25.  “Succession”, HBO




Jackson | People Would Now Rather Starve Than Go Without Their Phones

A new study found that people would rather STARVE than go without their phones.  The researchers offered college students either a snack or phone time after they took a long, boring test for several hours . . . and they were MUCH more likely to go for the phone.


 Monroe | The Average Couple Will Have Seven Fights Before the Holidays Are Over

Even if you love the holidays, there’s a part of you that hates all the STRESS that comes with them . Two new surveys on holiday stress just came out.  They found 88% of us find the holidays stressful.  And for people who have to travel, it’s 98%.

Here are three more stats about holiday stress . . .

1.  The average couple will get in SEVEN holiday-related FIGHTS this year.  The most common things we fight about are where to spend the holidays, and how much to spend on gifts.  13% of us have also argued about whether to get a real tree or a fake tree.

2.  Overall, the five most stressful things about this time of year are buying presents . . . managing your budget . . . cooking . . . prepping the house for guests . . . and cleaning up before and after you have people over.

3.  67% of people traveling for the holidays say staying with family is stressful.  And 48% of us think we’d get along with them a little better if we stayed somewhere else.



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