Cardi B Is Being Sued For Assault

Cardi B Sued for Assault, Witnesses Say Woman Violated Cardi’s Privacy.

Cardi B is being sued again for an alleged assault stemming for an incident that happened two years ago when she was leaving a doctor’s appointment. A female security guard was trying to take pics and videos of Cardi, during the time she was 4- months pregnant and hadn’t gone public about her pregnancy. Cardi kept asking the security guard to stop and the guard became angry.

According to TMZ, eyewitnesses said that a staffer got in between the two but nothing got physical. However, in the lawsuit, the security guard is accusing Cardi of spitting, assaulting and striking her, along with the infliction of emotional distress. Meanwhile, the guard has been fired because the medical building felt she violated Cardi’s privacy.


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