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Cardi B: From Spicy Challenges to Deep Reflections on ‘Hot Ones’

In a recent episode of “Hot Ones,” Cardi B confronted both the fiery challenge of spicy wings and a series of probing questions. Aired on Thursday, Sept. 28, the rapper delved into various topics, ranging from her respect for music icons Rihanna and Jay-Z to her intriguing views on history and the potential existence of extraterrestrial life.

Cardi B’s Spicy Experience

Cardi B appeared to be overwhelmed by the intensity of the sauces, suggesting they made it challenging for her to concentrate on the questions. Her candid nature was evident as she discussed the complexities of creating a radio-friendly version of her latest collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, “Bongos.” She expressed frustration over modifying certain lyrics, likening the changes to something one might hear in a children’s song.

A Spectrum of Subjects

Cardi B’s multifaceted personality shone through as she shared her admiration for historical figures like President Franklin D. Roosevelt and her keen interest in World War II. She voiced skepticism on the topic of extraterrestrial beings, questioning why such advanced beings, if they existed, hadn’t made contact with humans, given their purported superior intelligence.

Transitioning to the music industry, Cardi B highlighted her deep respect for hip-hop history, including legends Jay-Z and Rihanna, describing them as influential figures in the industry. However, the spiciness of the wings seemed to divert her attention momentarily.

A nostalgic interview segment saw Cardi B reflecting on Migos, the former rap group that included her spouse, Offset. Watch the full video below:

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