The Victoria’s Secret Runway: Catch A Peek of Doja Cat & More

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with performance by Doja Cat
Victoria's Secret | Adobe Stock

The Catwalk’s Grand Comeback

After taking a 4-year sabbatical, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show has made a triumphant return, and boy, is it turning heads. This isn’t just any comeback; it’s a global extravaganza featuring the artistic vision of 20 creatives from every corner of the planet. Clips below:

Star-Studded Performances

Hold onto your feathered wings because Doja Cat and Sabrina Carpenter graced the stage with their electrifying performances. And if that wasn’t enough to get your heart racing, some of the brand’s iconic angels, like Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, and Gigi Hidad, fluttered back to the runway, reminding us why they’re the queens of the catwalk. Watch a clip of the Doja Cat performance below:

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Where to Catch the Action

Got 85 minutes to spare? Dive into the world of glitz, glamour, and jaw-dropping fashion on Amazon Prime Video. It’s streaming, it’s sizzling, and it’s waiting for you.

A Little Background Banter

Victoria’s Secret: Founded in 1977, this American lingerie, clothing, and beauty retailer quickly became a household name. Known for its annual fashion show, it’s been a platform for many supermodels to rise to stardom.

Doja Cat: Bursting onto the hip-hop scene in 2018 with her viral hit “Mooo!”, she’s known for her unique style and catchy tunes. A force to be reckoned with, she’s been nominated for numerous awards and has collaborated with big names in the industry.

Sabrina Carpenter: Starting as an actress, Sabrina transitioned to music and has been making waves ever since. She’s a star on the rise.

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