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Chris Hemsworth vs Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino have gone on record as NOT being fans of the Marvel movies.  And that makes Thor sad.

Chris Hemsworth says, quote, “That’s super depressing when I hear that.  There goes two of my heroes I won’t work with.  I guess they’re not a fan of me.”

He added, quote, “I don’t love when we start scrutinizing each other when there’s so much fragility in the business and in this space of the arts as it is.”

But he clarified that those guys are, quote, “still my heroes, and in a heartbeat I would leap to work with any of them.”

Side-note:  Anthony Hopkins, who played Hemsworth’s DAD in the Thor movies, called that work “pointless acting“.  Even if he thought it was pointless, can you really imagine anyone else in the role?

We spoke about Chris Hemsworth during “Trending” on today’s podcast.

Listen to “Chantel needs more sets of keys” on Spreaker.


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