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Costco Is Selling a Two-Foot-Tall Chocolate Easter Bunny

Have you seen this monster yet?

Costco is apparently selling a giant chocolate Easter Bunny that’s TWO FEET TALL and almost four-and-a-half pounds.


A mom bought one and posted the footage on TikTok.  It’s not clear if all Costcos have them, but she claims it’s some of the best chocolate she’s ever had.


@costcohotfinds2 foot tall gourmet chocolate bunny at Costco!!!

♬ original sound – CostcoHotFinds

Some people online have issues with it though . . . and not just because Costco’s selling it two-plus months before Easter.  (Easter is March 31st this year.)

Their biggest problem is it costs $64 . . . and it’s HOLLOW.  The top comment on TikTok is at that price, “I need it solid chocolate.”

Do you remember when Costco was selling $25 read-to-go Easter baskets?

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