Jon And Chantel

Random Acts of Kindness – Day 35

Today is…

National Nurses Day
Let’s Laugh Day
National Chocolate Caramel Day
Clients Day

What a sad place the world would be without laughter, and what a sorrowful day it is when someone goes the whole day without one little giggle. Well, today fixes that. It’s Let’s Laugh Day. It’s a day to get rid of some daily stress with some good belly laughs. These are not teensy weensy laughs, but ginormous laughs that get everyone laughing together.

You may laugh, but there really are a lot of short term and long term benefits of laughter. Laughter increases the intake of air, stimulates organs, releases endorphins in the brain, and improves mood. Laughter loosens up muscles, lowers blood pressure, and leaves one feeling relaxed. In the long term, laughter can improve the immune system, fight illness, pain, and depression. On top of all this, laughing burns calories!

Where would the world be without nurses? Especially after 2020. Today is the day to give thanks to the heroes that are nurses!

How can you spread kindness today?
  • Write Thank-You notes to nurses
  • Make it a goal to make someone laugh
  • Bring some chocolate caramel treats to clients today!

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