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105 Random Acts of Kindness – Day 11

There are so many reasons to celebrate and spread the love today because today is…

The Great American Spit Out Day
National Toast Day
National Chocolate Covered Peanut Day
Digital Learning Day
National Chili Day
National Clam Chowder Day

The Great American Spit Out raises awareness about the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco. Users are to quit for at least the day, with the ultimate goal of quitting for good. The day has been especially geared towards military personnel, where rates of smokeless tobacco use are higher than the general populace. The Great American Spit Out takes place during Through With Chew Week.

There are many forms of smokeless tobacco, such as loose-leaf chew, plug, and snuff. Snuff is a finely ground tobacco that may be dry or moist. Moist snuff is the most popular type of smokeless tobacco in the United States, followed by loose leaf chew. Most types of smokeless tobacco are spit out, but some are not. Snus is a type of moist snuff gaining popularity that doesn’t need to be spit. Smokeless tobacco often comes in flavors, which makes it more appealing to children.

Abrasives, added nicotine, and thousands of chemicals are also included in smokeless tobacco. About thirty of the chemicals are carcinogens, including lead, arsenic, mercury, formaldehyde, and the radioactive polonium-210, which is found in tobacco fertilizer. The most harmful chemicals are nitrosamines (TSNs). These chemicals are specific to tobacco and are formed when growing, curing, fermenting, and aging the tobacco. They are at a much higher level in smokeless tobacco than they are in cigarettes. A dip of chewing tobacco has the nicotine equivalent of three to four cigarettes, and someone who goes through two tins of snuff a week takes in the same amount of nicotine as someone who smokes a pack and a half a day.

Smokeless tobacco harms the mouth, teeth, and throat, and puts users at risk for other health problems. Early problems may include discolored teeth and bad breath. Receding gums and gum disease may follow, which may lead to tooth decay, and eventually to tooth loss. Over half of users get precancerous lesions called Leukoplakia in the first three years of use. Cancer can develop within five years of smokeless tobacco use.

Here’s a few ways to spread sunshine today:

Food is the way to everyone’s heart! Make that special someone breakfast in bed with a side of the best toast ever. And while you’re at it, thank that teacher you love for going the extra mile during the madness of 2020. And why not finish off the day with sharing some extra chili and clam chowder with your elders?

How else can you be kind today?






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