Ellen DeGeneres Demands ”Justice” After George Floyd’s Death

Ellen DeGeneres has had her share of criticism as with the recent tweet she posted in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.

The talk-show host posted a video on June 1st where she said she was “sad and angry” over the killing of Floyd and says, “people have gotten away with murder.”

“I’ve always wanted to be the voice for people who felt like they didn’t have a voice because I know what that feels like,” said Ellen. “Maybe you don’t agree with how it’s coming out, but you have to understand it, and then we can heal it.”

Ellen called for “fairness and justice for all in a world that is not fair.” The video comes days after she tweeted about “people of color” who suffered from police brutality, many pointed out that it’s black people who suffer from police brutality not people of color as a whole.

Can you imagine a world without racial prejudice, what does it look like to you?

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