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Five Things You Can Do with Your First Weekend of the New Year

It’s the first weekend of the New Year!  Here are five ideas for how to spend it . . .


1.  Get cracking on that resolution.  Whatever you’ve chosen as your New Year’s resolution, use this weekend as a chance to either get a jump start on it, get back on track, or continue the new habits you put in place this week.


2.  Start a new book.  If you had a goal of reading more books this year, now’s your chance to get started.


3.  Go on a hike.  It’s outdoorsy and active . . . and will get you some fresh air.


4.  Do a deep clean.  If you haven’t taken down your Christmas lights yet, it’s time.  Plus, chances are you’re sitting on some holiday items that still need to be organized, sorted, tossed, or returned.


5.  Cook something at home.  It ticks the boxes if you resolved to save money by not eating out as much this year, or eating healthier in general.


Or…just binge listen to our podcast!

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