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Going for Gold | Morning Show Podcast With Extras

Jon gets frustrated over the Olympics, Justin should stick with curling, and Jackson forgot what snowboarding was. 
All this, plus a brand new Fiance Friday and the first ever Broadway Cell Phone Olympics event: STAIR LUGE!


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The Full Scoop
Ten Best Places to Get Pizza on National Pizza Day
Maroon 5’s New Music Video

2018 Cellphone Olympics


National Pizza Day
It’s national pizza day and we have a very important question.

Selena Gomez is Too Composed
She posted this photo of her popping a wheelie on a motorcycle… And she looks too flawless for it not to be digital effects. Jon swears it’s completely real. But Jon’s wrong fairly often.


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The Rest of Jackson’s Choose the News List

Jackson won Choose the News this morning, but half of his list was too sexy for radio. So here it is, the top 10 things that are negatively impacting your relationship

1.  Work stress.  35% agreed with that one.

2.  Being too tired for sex, 33%.

3.  Having no sex drive, 28%.

4.  Arguments about money, 27%.

5.  One of you is a morning person, and the other is a night owl, 20%.

6.  Health problems.  18% said long-term health issues have hurt their relationship.  Another 16% said short-term health issues have.

7.  Boring sex, 15%.

8.  Erectile dysfunction, 14%.

9.  Arguments about the kids, 12%.

10.  Failing to climax, 11%.  A few that just missed the top ten are having a baby . . . watching porn . . . being too QUICK in bed . . . cheating . . . and arguing about politics.

See more about the survey here


Utah Native Competing in 2018 Olympics
Utah’s own Nathan Chen is in South Korea trying to bring home the gold. After his fall last night, Nathan has a long road ahead of him. Get to know him below and see how many of these places you recognize.


Can Lindsay Lohan be helped? 
Justin mentioned that Lindsay Lohan has been frantically tweeting producers, directors, and actors for acting jobs. Not even Oprah could even help herself.



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