Lindsay Lohan’s New Sneaker Ad References “Mean Girls” and “Parent Trap”

LINDSAY LOHAN is in a new ad for Allbirds running shoes, and it references two of her most famous movies.

It starts in her bedroom, where we see Oreos and peanut butter on the nightstand.  That was a favorite snack of the twins Lindsay played in “The Parent Trap”.


Then she says, quote, “I didn’t run track in high school, I was more of a mathlete.”  Lindsay’s character in “Mean Girls”, Cady Heron, was a mathlete.


She also chooses a pair of pink shoes from her collection, because it’s Wednesday.  “On Wednesdays we wear pink” is a famous line from “Mean Girls”.


In one more nod to “Mean Girls”, Lindsay says the shoes are made with natural materials, adding, quote, “Always avoid the plastics.”  In the movie, Rachel McAdamsAmanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert were referred to as “The Plastics.”

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